About Us


Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie is a Certified Dog Trainer and Vet Tech Assistant. After bouncing between working in the family business & working in many different parts of the animal world, she realized her passion really was working with animals. She loves helping pets keep happy paws with regular nail trims! 

Magic Pawz is the product of years of hard work and hands on animal experience. Stephanie will travel to your pet in the comfort of their own home to provide nail trims.


What are pet parents saying?


"Stephanie is amazing with animals. She is dependable and dedicated to her passion. My furry babies love her and their nails are health thru her services."

-Krissy O. (Local business owner)



 "Clipping my puppies nails has always been a stressful thing for my family. Until Stephanie swooped in making the whole process so smooth and stress free. The best nail trimmer in town tbh. We love that she comes to our home to clip their nails it really puts the dogs at ease and we don't have to go anywhere (how cool is that?) our golden mix does not do great in the car so he really appreciates it too. Thank you Stephanie!! we look forward to the next trim."

-Kyla S.